So you are looking for a review of Kindle Ritual?

Let me just say right now that I am going to cut through most of the fluff you have read about it so far.

FACT IS: It is almost impossible to get an honest review. Most of the time you will find people trying to get you to buy the product so they can make a commission. Good luck in finding an honest, insightful and unbiased review that will help you make up your mind whether or not to buy the product.

I don’t like to sell, sell, sell all the time so I will just lay all the cards on the table.

Kindle Ritual PackageWhat is Kindle Ritual?

I’m not sure if you will remember all of Brian G. Johnson’s products but many of them have been bestsellers on Clickbank such as Commission Ritual, SEO Press, Autho Content Cash and Push Button SEO. His products have been quite successful.

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At the end of the day all that means is that any product produced by Brian G. Johnson has had a ton of affiliates promoting it and Kindle Ritual is no exception.

Before I look to buy any product I always ask myself what the track record of the person who produced it has been like in the past. Brian G. Johnson has a great track record evidenced by his products such as:

  • Revenue Domains Exposed
  • SEOPress Formula
  • Commission Ritual
  • Auto Content Cash Alex Goad and Jared Croslow
  • Halloween Super Affiliate (my first coaching program)
  • Lone Wolf Passive Profits (a free report accessed in the Warrior Forum)
  • 300 Internet Marketers (current coaching program)
  • Rank & Pillage (product was launched with my star student Aidan Booth)
  • Push Button SEO

Were Brian’s products all good?

The answer is definitely yes, but they were not all perfect products, nor were they the be and end all for affiliate marketing. But Brian was able to improve upon his first products and to add and focus information until his recent products have become leading edge technology and strategies that will stand the test of time.

Further, Brian has kept up to date adding information and updating his products when new updates to Google, Adsense, YouTube, Facebook or Web 2.0 properties have changed. He has kept up to date with Search Engine Optimization as evidenced by his latest software plugin Push Button SEO that works within the WordPress interface and optimizes any website almost on autopilot.

What impressed me was the whole “Ritual” aspect to the products Brian produces. He appears to have been able to see methods and strategies that could be “ritualized” to produce real results.

I have to take my hat off to Brian G. Johnson, in producing great products. Although Brian appears to have developed a clearer path as he went along, the way he and his partners taught the programs made them very easy to follow and to implement.

His products really did take you by the hand and lead you through complicated concepts and strategies with ease.

Now let’s get back to the original question and that is: What is Kindle Ritual?

First off let me say I have accessed the product so I’m not just going to spout off on something I know nothing about.

I will take you through it in detail so you can then make an informed choice yourself about whether or not it is for you….

What do you get with the product?

Kindle Ritual basically comes in two parts and has 8 jam packed modules. There is also a premium training portion that consists of four training sessions done by webinar with live case examples and samples. The two parts are as follows:

  1. All in One Kindle Publishing & Promotion Software Solution:  This portion of the Kindle Ritual accesses a never before seen WordPress Theme that allows you to create your Kindle eBook from within the theme. The theme also allows you to launch, author, and promote book sales within the same website.
  2. Video Tutorials / PDF’s – Book Sales Training: This outlines how to create a Kindle eBook and how to market your publication with real live examples.

Here is what is contained in each of the modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the Kindle Ritual

  1. Passive Income Opportunity
  2. Largest Buyers Search Engine
  3. The Kindle Ritual Training Overview & “Big Picture”
  4. Passive Income Opportunity
  5. Success Tip: I Can’t

Module 2: Author Theme Training and Usage

  1. Introduction to AuthorTheme
  2. Site Preparation and Installation
  3. Creating Your Book
  4. Creating Your Book Cover
  5. Formatting and Compiling Your Book
  6. Publishing to Amazon KDP
  7. Building Your Promotional Site

Module 3: Kindle Niche Selection and eBook Creation Ritual

  1. Module 3 Introduction
  2. Book Creation – Forget “Book”
  3. Book Creation – Write it Yourself
  4. Write/Record: Bullet Ritual
  5. Book Creation – Record it Yourself
  6. Book Creation – Expert Interview
  7. Book Creation – Children’s Books, What’s Hot & the Best Book Theory
  8. Outsource It – Resources and Links
  9. Estimated Sales via Sales Rank
  10. Brainstorming, Categories and Keywords
  11. Google Keyword Research
  12. Facebook Awesome Sauce
  13. Single Niche/Many Books
  14. Author Sales Uncovered
  15. Overall Niche Potential

Module Four: Amazon “Kindle” Ritual

  1. Introduction to the “Amazon” Kindle Ritual
  2. Book Goals
  3. Amazon Sales Machine & Algo
  4. Leveraging Your Book = $$$
  5. Naming your Book – Part One: Research
  6. Naming your Book – Part Two: The Book Naming Ritual
  7. Book Pricing Strategies
  8. KDP Select & Amazon Prime
  9. Uploading Your Book to Amazon
  10. Once Live – Tags, Likes, Buys & Phase One Book Reviews
  11. Once Live – KDP Select and Free Promotion
  12. Phase Two Book Reviews
  13. Author Central
  14. Book Series
  15. Moving Forward / Module’s 5, 6, 7

Module 5: Author Site Ritual

The proper and profitable way to get genuine reviews for your books to boost your authority and sales.

  1. Website for Books
  2. Book Reviews

Module 6: FaceBook Leverage Ritual (True Case Study with Launch)

  1. Why Facebook/Multi Book Strategy/Phase One & Two
  2. Phase Two: Leverage the Fanbase
  3. Facebook Point of Failure – One to One Advertising
  4. Phase One Goals – Growth & Viral Activity
  5. Phase Two: Facebook Leverage
  6. Forget Whizz Bang – What Matters Most is Content
  7. Thoughts on Facebook Advertising & Ad Spend
  8. Part Two – Step by Step Action Plan/Getting Started
  9. Step by Step: Easily Create Content / Create Your Page
  10. Step by Step: Insights 101
  11. Setting Up An Ad with Facebook – Part One
  12. Setting Up An Ad with Facebook – Part Two
  13. Setting Up An Ad with Facebook – Part Three

Module 7: Video Ritual

Kindle Ritual Q4 Camp: Four live training webinars with Real Case Studies and Examples

Updates – The members area contains a section for updates to the program.

Bonuses – The usual bonuses section

Domain and Hosting Discounts – discounts for domains and hosting.

There is a huge library of pdf’s and videos that go with each module. The pdf’s are clear and concise.

The Author/Theme Training for WordPress is a software tool that will go a long way in making it easier to create and market your Kindle eBook within a single framework.

Boos and Bouqets – What’s Good and What’s Not

Compared to Brian’s first products, Kindle Ritual has kicked up his performance more than a few notches.

Kindle Ritual provides you with what appears to be a revolutionary WordPress Theme called “Author Theme” within which you can create, publish and promote your Kindle eBook. It also provides proven information, techniques and strategies to make a passive income online.

Kindle Ritual may not be for everyone. Some may want to make a lot of money quickly and don’t want to earn passive income.

If you don’t want to do the “rituals”, if you get bored with doing things the same, then this product may not be for you.

If you have not made money online or if you have, Kindle Ritual may help you to add passive income streams to your income efforts. Also if you want to write a Kindle eBook or publish a book then you could benefit by the software that allows you to create, publish and promote your Kindle eBook within one application in WordPress.

Another advantage of using Kindle Ritual is all of the information providing including outsourcing some of your book creation tasks including writing the book.

The basic purpose of Kindle Ritual is to provide you with the tools, training and support that is needed to build a passive income online. The amount of money you make depends on your ability to create and write books to publish for Kindle and promote.

You definitely could build a four or five figure income per month using the tools and methods and strategies outlined in Kindle Ritual. Brian gives an example of creating one book that earns $50.00 to $150.00 dollars per month through book sales and Adsense advertising. If this amount is multiplied over several books then this amount can easily add up.

Another feature is earning “passive income” through Kindle eBook creation and publishing. Once the books are created, published and promoted, there is virtually no further work required to earn money.

If you decide to use Kindle Ritual you will need to be realistic in goal setting. Once again Brian discusses and outlines key strategies to achieve success in publishing eBooks for the Kindle.

Here is a screenshot of the members area showing you the various modules and some of the results already achieved by Brian Johnson with using the strategies and techniques he outlines in Kindle Ritual.


Kindle Ritual does not make any false promises about thousands and thousands of dollars you will make selling your eBooks for the Kindle. He uses the books he has actually published to prove his product.

I admire anyone who will actually provide their own sites and products as proof of the income they earn. Certainly anyone who wants to write and produce an eBook will benefit from Brian’s own experience in both internet marketing and producing Kindle eBooks.

Brian also provides information about his success in achieving sales rank for his book and advantages and disadvantages of giving away and/or setting a low sales price for his books.

I would not pull the wool over your eyes. When I say that earning 4 or 5 figures a month is realistic then I mean it. In order to get to a five figure passive income per month would require that you be either a fairly prolific writer or are able to think up ideas for eBooks quickly and produce them at a rapid rate.

This is possible as we do see in the book publishing world, best selling authors who churn out books on an almost monthly basis that are consistently on the best seller list.

I would not want to discourage you in any way, but a few books a month may be a more realistic objective.

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Some of the great things you will learn are:

  • how to get topics for your eBook
  • rituals related to promoting your Kindle eBook through Facebook and Video Marketing
  • How to format and publish your eBook
  • How to Seo your Kindle eBook publishing
  • How to use Adsense advertising on your site
  • How to use ads within Facebook
  • How to get your eBooks reviewed

All in all Brian G. Johnson covers a ton of information which I will go into more detail about in further posts.

Kindle Ritual shows you how to create, publish and promote a Kindle ebook.

If you want to create write and publish Kindle eBooks then this is the product for you. If you want to earn passive income through the sale of Kindle eBooks then this is the product for you.

To keep it short, Kindle Ritual is just as described, a “ritual”, a sytematized way to create and publish Kindle eBooks. What you learn will definitely help you create and promote and make a passive income from Kindle eBooks. It will not instantly make you a millionaire. It will take work to create the books and promote them.

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I have gone through and given you a complete review of what you will get when you buy Kindle Ritual. For the first two weeks of the launch, from October 2nd to the 16th, 2012 Brian is charging $77 dollars for the product and after two weeks the price will be raised to $97. There will be a Clickbank 60 day guarantee.

After the launch there will be an upsell that provides coaching and puts you on the road to joining Brian’s inner circle. Another upsell will be a re-offer of PushButton SEO – this is a fantastic add on to the Kindle Ritual product.

Now here is my personal advice on whether or not you should buy Kindle Ritual. If you want to write a Kindle eBook and if you want to earn a passive income from the sale of Kindle eBooks then this is the product for you.

The $77 price tag is well worth the money as comparatively through both the software and training you are getting extreme value. I have seen other Kindle products charge in the $500 to thousands of dollar range with no greater value than what is provided by Brian in Kindle Ritual.

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Dollar for dollar it is probably one of the best products out there

Dollar for dollar it is probably one of the most complete courses out there. As I mentioned it will take effort and time on your part. If you are will to do the work then I am sure it will be a success for you.

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